Navigating a challenging invocation

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The Lenvi Capital Markets and Standby team is experienced in running complex invocations and dealing effectively with invoked investors.

Our new case study outlines how we helped a lead investor to initiate an invocation when a company which provided litigation finance faced insolvency.

The company provided financial products for legal firms to sell to their customers and serviced more than 70,000 agreements in total.

No one size fits all

In this case, and with more than £50m at stake, we worked closely with the investor to determine that the continued use of the finance business’s technology, along with the retention of three key members of their staff, would be key to providing consistency, transparency and additional reassurance. This underlines the importance of flexibility – there is no ‘one size fits all’ template approach to invocations. And once again, clear, consistent and frequent communications between all parties, steered by Lenvi, was essential.


Stakeholder collaboration is key

With everyone clearly aware of their roles and responsibilities, we’ve been able to act quickly and decisively in collaboration with all stakeholders. 

Hear from our client

Having Lenvi by our side during this complex invocation meant we could be sure that our investment was safe. The project was planned meticulously and Lenvi’s expertise and knowledge of the invocation process cannot be faulted. We were operational in rapid time. Throughout the invocation their team clearly supported us and communicated the different stages of the process to ensure everyone understood their role and when key events were happening. We found them responsive and flexible to work with and look forward to more successful projects in the future.”

Invoked investor and Lenvi client

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