Invocation case study - A German finance provider

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The Lenvi Capital Markets and Standby team is experienced in running complex invocations and dealing effectively with invoked investors. 

With this recent invocation we combined our knowledge and experience with market-leading technology. The failed company was a German financial services business that had already been declared insolvent and in this case study we share how our team overcame several challenges to deliver a successful invocation and be operation on day 7, which was a huge achievement.

The challenge

A company providing revenue-based finance products to German businesses had filed for bankruptcy. One of the big challenges here was that, with the company’s bank account closed, payments from borrowers had to be redirected to a new account. Extensive legal communication was also required within a very short space of time.

The solution - taking the data in-house

We decided that this project would be better managed internally within Lenvi. That wouldn’t always be the case but the platform for the company’s finance products wasn’t required for the run-off and so, under the circumstances, it was quicker and more effective for us to take the data in-house. We then redirected the recovery of payments to a new account. Key to this was our clear approach to servicing communication combined with comprehensive legal communication with the lawyers we worked with. The ability to collaborate and make effective decisions  at speed is essential in these situations.

The result - operational on day seven

We overcame complex challenges and were operational within seven days of a 30-day process, which meant our client was able to communicate quickly and meet borrower needs. These strong communications, and reporting, were key to setting the redirection up and successfully agreeing processing for multiple investors.

Hear from our client

We were impressed with Lenvi’s ability to hit the ground running and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Throughout the 30-day invocation process, they provided us with reassurance that our investment was secure. The fact they were fully operational just a week after the start of the invocation process was impressive. Throughout the process, Lenvi’s first-class communication with ourselves and the borrowers was comprehensive and reassuring, allowing for the early identification of issues and swift solutions. The company’s in-depth expertise for the invocation process, together with their reliable platforms, make them a partner that can be trusted, and we look forward to working with Lenvi again.”

Invoked investor and Lenvi client

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