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To keep your business compliant, you need to understand who you’re dealing with. You need to know your customers, control your KYC data, and be able to audit that information quickly. Our KYC services put you in control, so you’re always compliant and always protected.

Increase your compliance, not your workload.

Before you contract, you need to know your customer. You need to complete ID verifications, screen against sanction lists and risk assess client locations. And you need to repeat the process across the whole client lifecycle. With Lenvi’s KYC services, it’s easy to carry out KYC checks, audit data, and meet your compliance obligations.

Easily meet your KYC compliance targets

KYC compliance is your responsibility. But that doesn’t mean you have to tackle it alone. With our straightforward KYC services, and the support of our skilled team, it’s never been simpler - or safer - to grow your business.

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Full compliance

Our KYC solution gives you all the tools you need to investigate new customers, understand who they are, and safely store that information for future compliance audits.

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Unrivalled efficiency

Leading edge financial technology, backed by the expertise of our KYC teams, means you can quickly and easily carry out all necessary checks and investigations.

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Scalable and reliable

Don’t have the capacity to carry out KYC checks as you grow? Our team is on hand to do the heavy lifting, giving you the freedom to scale up and grow your revenue.

Time to take control

The risks of falling foul of KYC compliance rules are clear. Stay compliant with the right technology, backed by the right expert support. We’re here to help.

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The most cost-effective way to manage KYC compliance

Lenvi’s cutting-edge financial technology helps you reduce your compliance burden and your workload, giving you full regulatory compliance and a faster, more efficient way of working.

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Slash costs

Simple, intuitive software that can slash handling time by 70% - cutting your compliance management costs instantly

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Smart resource management

Use our resources - or your own - in smart ways to make the most of your budgets and reduce KYC analysis costs

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Meet best practice

We work closely with your teams, so everyone understands what’s expected and meets those best practice standards

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Simpler onboarding

Because our software makes KYC tasks quick and simple, you’ll onboard customers faster

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Faster decision-making

With accurate KYC information at your fingertips, make decisions in an instant for better customer experiences

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Smoother compliance

Process your applications electronically via STP to reduce time-consuming manual processes

Everything you need is just a click away with our KYC software

Our KYC software saves you time and money while improving efficiency by linking with data providers you can trust, and automatically identifying potential issues with new and existing customers.

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Secure API integrations

The KYC solution links seamlessly with national business registries, including Companies House in the UK, for simple, reliable and accurate corporate discovery.

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Streamlined workflows

Our KYC service works around your KYC processes, providing better efficiency and simpler workflows without expensive, time-consuming retraining.

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Automated screening

Automatically screen new customers against sanctions, adverse media, and politically exposed persons (PEP) lists to instantly spot potential issues.

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Automated processing

Our team is on hand to help, but with your applications handled via Straight Through Processing (STP), the chances are you won’t even need our extra support.


Why Lenvi?

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We have the KYC solutions, skills and expertise to support your business. Every step of the way.

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