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Authorised and regulated by the FCA, Lenvi makes lending safe and effortless for everyone involved. That means the end customers, but it also means financial organisations across a range of industries. From consumer finance to capital markets, we support you all.

Flexible and agile lending services for all kinds of lender

Our effortless lending software puts you out in front of the competition. Strong on compliance, stronger on innovation, our Fintech+ software is designed to support you in everything you do, whether you’re offering mortgages, business lending or other financial products.


Our industries

For businesses or consumers. Large sums or high volumes. No matter which area of finance you operate in, we’re here to help.

Consumer finance

Your consumers expect unlimited access to their financial information, and they demand self-service functionality. Give them what they’re looking for - and more. Scalable end-to-end lending platforms and digital tools for unsecured, retail, telecoms and motor finance providers - all with a personal touch.

Origination software | Servicing software | Collections software

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Mortgage and loan servicing

With an API-led approach to mortgage solutions, our technology provides banks, building societies and specialist lenders like you with a flexible, scalable lending platform. Our origination, servicing and collection platform boosts internal productivity, and makes it easy to outsource tasks to our team of expert mortgage specialists.

Mortgage and loan servicing 

Business lending

Businesses expect the same flexibility as consumers. With our leading-edge software products, designed to make offering business loans and handling receivables more secure, efficient and cost-effective than ever before, you and they are in safe hands.

Loan software | Risk management software

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Capital markets

Technology-first doesn’t mean technology only. Our Fintech+ approach puts finance at the heart of our tech offering, combining high quality expertise to ensure a swift, safe and secure return of investor funds. Our capital markets services double down on investor protection with specialist, standby, audit and verification solutions. Add in our compliance team’s dedication to the FCA regulations, and it’s easy to see why our approach is perfect for the capital markets industry, and why our partners trust us to deliver year after year.

Standby servicing | Compliance services

Receivables finance

Drawing upon our years of experience in receivables finance, we offer you unrivalled risk management and fraud management technology. With software that automatically safeguards your operations and improves your customer experience, and the expertise that helps you grow your portfolio, you can be certain you’re in safe hands with us. 

Risk management software | Standby servicing | KYC

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Don’t just lend, lead with us

Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned lender, we have the technology, skills and expertise to support you. Every step of the way.

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