Risk Management Software for Receivables Finance

Prevent fraud and improve efficiency with Riskfactor, the trusted risk management software and fraud analytics for receivables finance.

Detect fraud, manage risk, and enhance operational efficiency

Ahmed Amin and Andrea Tanner from Lenvi Riskfactor discuss their roles and the company's history and services in an interview with Douglas Mackenzie. Ahmed, the Riskfactor Sales Director, highlights Lenvi's focus on scaling and growing businesses in the financial services sector. Andrea, Head of Customer Success, brings her extensive experience in banking and receivables finance to the discussion. They delve into Riskfactor's capabilities in detecting fraud, managing risk, and enhancing operational efficiency. The conversation also touches on Lenvi's expansion plans, particularly in Europe. The interview concludes with insights into the future of receivable finance and the role of Riskfactor in helping lenders navigate economic downturns and automation while serving a diverse portfolio of clients.

Protecting your business

Complex expensive and time-consuming risk management processes are all too common in receivables finance. Inaccurate data, poor monitoring and siloed workflows leave you exposed to risk. We’re transforming this insecure and unpredictable lending space.

Riskfactor is our superior fraud prevention technology and risk management software. Our dedicated receivables finance experts will help you transform your risk management processes and grow your portfolio with confidence.  

Choose the leading provider of risk management software

Reduce risk, improve operational efficiency and grow your portfolio through our unique risk metrics and fraud prevention technology.

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Reduce risk

Proactively monitor your clients, debtors and portfolio to identify unusual activity and protect your business from fraud.

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Save money

Eliminate costly, time-consuming manual processes. Riskfactor records all activity in one location, creating a compliance-ready audit trail.

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Unleash growth

Onboard more clients and improve customer experience by freeing up resource capacity, safe in the knowledge that Riskfactor is automatically monitoring your portfolio daily.

See Riskfactor in action

Discover how Riskfactor proactively manages receivables finance risk, paving the way for more freedom to grow your business.

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Full-Service risk management software

Riskfactor streamlines your risk management processes.

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Spot fraud quickly

Spot fraud and unusual activity earlier with instant alerts to changes in client/debtor behaviour.

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Focus on growth

Eliminate manual processes to create more time for value-add tasks and increased customer engagement to help drive portfolio growth.

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Identify trends

With all data in one place, you can quickly identify changes in facility performance and focus resource in the right place. 

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Gain deeper insights

Make better, more informed decisions with timely data and in-depth insights across your entire client base.

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Take a risk based approach

Easily identify your highest-risk facilities, giving you more time to focus on priority accounts as well as growing your Portfolio.

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Alleviate compliance pressures

Effortlessly adhere to risk policies and compliance requirements, with all activity recorded for a detailed audit trail.

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Find out more about Lenvi Riskfactor and learn how we can help your business detect fraud and increase efficiency.

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Take a risk-based approach to your risk management and focus effort where it counts. Riskfactor colour codes your entire portfolio so you can spot problems early.

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Workflow dashboard

Your personal dashboard helps you to plan your day and prioritise which clients and debtors need your attention. 

Plus you will have clear oversight of your team’s tasks in one central location, helping you to manage your resources and focus time where it counts.

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Flexible alerts and triggers

Riskfactor automatically calculates key risk metrics across clients and debtors. Utilise our own risk score and let Riskfactor oversee and raise colour coded alerts across your entire portfolio so you can clearly see which facilities need further investigation.

Reporting is made easy with ready-made templates that save you time and help with vital trend analysis.

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Audits and surveys

Take the pain out of audits and surveys and improve data accuracy with Riskfactor’s Due Diligence software.

  • Improve audit trails

  • Track workflow actions

  • Use our reports on site

  • Deeper audit insights

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Covenant monitoring

Be alerted to unusual behaviour from clients and know instantly when covenants are breached. Follow ups are monitored and your teams can investigate any unusual behaviour.

European Fraud Readiness Report 2023

Download the new Riskfactor European Fraud Readiness Report

This brand new report presents fascinating insights on the state of fraud in receivables finance across Europe. 

Read the European Fraud Readiness Report to find out:

  • Volumes and types of fraudulent activity targeting the receivables finance industry

  •  Business perceptions of fraud risk and fraud prevention strategies.
Find out more

Leading risk management software provider

We understand your risk management challenges. Benefit from dedicated support and training from our team of industry experts.


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Watch Riskfactor Masterclasses

Our receivables finance experts show you how to get the most out of Riskfactor.

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Hear from our clients

Riskfactor clients have transformed their risk management, reduced fraud and made better, more informed decisions with Riskfactor.

Riskfactor appears to be our missing link in relation to risk monitoring.”

Scottish Pacific Business Finance

Lenvi's Riskfactor gives us a deeper understanding of the profile of our client portfolio, enabling us to highlight the highest-risk clients and those with deteriorating trends and statistics.”

Close Brothers

Talk to us about Riskfactor

Find out why 90% of the UK’s receivables finance organisations are using Riskfactor.

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Other solutions

Know Your Customer solutions

Our KYC services put you in control of audit data and compliance obligations, so you’re always compliant and always protected.

Standby servicing solutions

Our standby servicing solutions allow your securitised and non-securitised portfolios to be fully administered if something happens to your business.

Lender compliance services

With ongoing reviews, audits and consultations, we proactively support lender compliance and use our expertise to guide you and your business.

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