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Webinar: Borrowers on the Brink

Last month, in collaboration with FinTech North, we hosted the ‘Borrowers on the Brink’ webinar. We presented insights from our tenth annual consumer borrowing report, revealing the latest trends and attitudes towards borrowing and lending.

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We are the winner of Fintech Initiative of the Year award!

We are delighted to have been awarded Fintech Initiative of the Year at the Yorkshire Financial Awards.

Double protection against receivables fraud

A new age of uncertainty began with the pandemic crisis and continues to gather momentum through economic turbulence fuelled by inflation, supply chain breakdowns and the Ukraine war.

European Fraud Readiness Report 2023
Download our Riskfactor Report

This brand new report presents fascinating insights on the state of fraud in receivables finance across Europe.

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Download our Borrowers on the Brink 2024 Report

Download our exclusive research on UK consumers' attitudes to lending in 2024.

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Detect fraud, manage risk, and enhance operational efficiency

Ahmed Amin and Andrea Tanner from Lenvi Riskfactor discuss their roles and the company's history and services in an interview with Douglas Mackenzie. Ahmed, the Riskfactor Sales Director, highlights Lenvi's focus on scaling and growing businesses in the financial services sector. Andrea, Head of Customer Success, brings her extensive experience in banking and receivables finance to the discussion. They delve into Riskfactor's capabilities in detecting fraud, managing risk, and enhancing operational efficiency.

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Unlocking Innovation: The Power Trio of Open Banking, AI, and Cloud Technology for Mortgage Lenders in the UK Building Society Industry

Discover how Open Banking, AI, and Cloud technology are revolutionizing the UK building society industry, empowering mortgage lenders to enhance efficiency, mitigate risks, and deliver personalized customer experiences like never before.

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Pre-loan meditation or counselling anyone? Lending, in the future will look very different

The UK's lending sector is adapting to diverse customer needs, showcasing innovative solutions like tailored mortgages and fintech for younger demographics and vulnerable groups. With proposals for pre-loan meditation and free counseling to address impulse borrowing and support vulnerable borrowers - what could data-driven lending look like?

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What to watch out for in lending and fintech from a legal perspective?

What do lenders need to know about the key legal and regulatory developments impacting the fintech landscape? Lenvi Paralegal, Raja Khan shares his insight.

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Considerations When Selecting a Loan Origination Platform

Origination forms a key part of the customer journey for any lending product, to allow for seamless onboarding and excellent customer experience, it is important that lenders have a loan origination platform that enables this. Find out why.

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From house prices to elections, 2024 is going to be a wild ride for lending

What a year we have ahead of us in 2024. Elections in the UK, US and elsewhere, along with geopolitical flashpoints and technologies including AI are set to have a very real impact on all our personal and working lives. Richard Carter, CEO at Lenvi makes his predictions for the year ahead.

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Is a back up servicing provider necessary?

Understand why it is necessary for lenders to onboard a back up servicing provider into their processes, especially in the current economic environment.