Loan Collections Software

Reduce costs, increase efficiency and deliver an even better service to every single one of your customers. With our loan collection software streamlining and simplifying your operations, you’ll have a smarter way to work.

Simple, automated debt recovery

One single tool to manage your full collections cycle. From early stage and late stage arrears monitoring, to recoveries and payment collection, all the way through to repossession and litigation. 

Responsible, effective loan collections software

Balance your customers’ needs with your own debt collection obligations thanks to automated workflows and smarter data intelligence tools.

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Smarter, faster collections

Tailored processes and communications support your loan collection strategy for more effective debt management.

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Always fair, always responsible

Take responsibility - ensure you identify vulnerable customers and offer a consistent, fair and simple debt collection experience.

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Software that's compliant at its core

Stay compliant and eliminate costly mistakes with automated workflows and processes from our Fintech+ offer.

Engage confidently with loan collections software

Improve your success rates, reduce your costs and maintain healthy customer relationships thanks to our leading-edge loan collection software.

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Exceptional experiences, solid results

Automate your processes and deliver exceptional experiences through improved collection performance.

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Automate and accelerate

Build tailored processes and communications to support your collections with an in-built strategy engine.

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Reduce costs, improve experiences

Digitise your loan collection process to improve collection rates, reduce contact centre overheads and deliver better customer experiences.

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Manage promises to pay

Set up, track and monitor performance of all your promises to pay and other arrangements with smart, reliable loan collection software tools.

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Unbeatable customer protection

Track and manage vulnerable customers to ensure they’re always treated fairly and consistently.

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Simple integrations

Seamlessly connect to third party telecoms systems, debt servicing platforms, DCAs and collections services through a secure API.

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Complete compliance

Demonstrate regulatory compliance with comprehensive audit trail reporting and modelling.

Efficiency within easy reach

Loan collections software increases your efficiency and reduces your costs - without compromising on the quality of your customer service:

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Digital debt collection

Aligns and automates your debt collection processes with open banking access and forbearance tools to improve collection rates.

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Responsible customer service

Understand your customers and their needs, manage and track every single customer, and adapt your service to their level of vulnerability.

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Deeper understanding

Our loan collection software gives you a complete understanding of your performance, with a suite of tracking and monitoring tools for an overview of every agreement.

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Connective technology

Our open-source technology simply and seamlessly integrates into your existing platforms, and lets you customise your processes and functionality for better performance.


Why Lenvi?

A wealth of expertise. Lived experience. A track-record of success. On-hand human support. Lending solutions that deliver industry leading innovation.


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trust our platforms and services to deliver for their customers

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Don’t just lend, lead with us

Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned lender, we have the technology, skills and expertise to support you. Every step of the way.

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Hear from our clients

We drive change in the lending industry, for start-ups and seasoned lenders alike. Read our customer stories and discover how we’ve helped them achieve success.

Since launch we have been able to improve our efficiency to meet our individual needs and those of our customers. Lenvi has been proactive in bringing new ideas to us and in helping us to achieve our ambitions to raise efficiency and streamline our processes."

MotoNovo Finance

Our customer base has grown significantly over the last year as a result of the funding made available by the Welsh Government to support businesses during the pandemic. It is therefore vital that we have the right technology infrastructure in place to support our customers throughout their journey with us. The new loan administration system is a key part of our investment in digital transformation and we are delighted to be working with Lenvi. This is a long-term partnership that will help us to drive operational efficiencies and better manage our customer portfolio of over 2,500 Welsh businesses as we support them with their commercial funding needs."

Development Bank of Wales

By proactively looking at world and financial events, we have been able to adjust our affordability model. It also made us look at customers we’ve already lent to from a credit risk perspective. We’ve looked back and tried to understand what percentage of our customer borrowing base would still have a financial buffer, if they’d applied with us today for a loan. We then identified the highest risk customer segment and have been reaching out to them to say - if they are struggling, we’re here to help."

247 Money

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Loan management software solutions

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