Lender Compliance Services

Achieve industry-leading compliance standards with Lenvi. With ongoing reviews, audits and consultations, we proactively support lender compliance and use our expertise to guide you and your business in the right way.

Don’t take risks. Ensure complete compliance.

We understand the regulatory framework you have to follow. We recognise the risk targets you need to meet and we know how to get – and keep - you where your business needs to be. Providing an extension to your internal teams, we make sure every product and service you offer operates in the right, compliant way.

Always best practice. Never best guess.

Lender compliance comes from understanding. We’ll show your teams how better compliance leads to best practice ways of working and better results for your customers.

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Future proof lender compliance

We help you create a compliance-first culture built on best practice to eliminate risk of fines and prepare you for any upcoming regulatory changes.

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FCA application guidance

We’ll guide you through the complex FCA application process, helping you understand what’s required and prepare for a successful outcome.

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Complete ongoing monitoring

Compliance in the lending world isn’t one and done - we make sure you continue to meet FCA regulations, understand what’s expected and always exceed standards.

We understand the regulatory requirements for the financial services sector

The regulators don’t accept excuses. Neither should you. When you partner with us, you’ll have years of lender compliance expertise at your fingertips, primed to help you overcome any hurdles on your path to success.

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Effortless lender compliance

Lenvi isn’t just a financial technology provider. It offers you all the benefits of cutting-edge fintech, plus our people’s years of experience. All working with you to ensure you’ll adapt quickly and effectively to regulatory changes as they happen. 


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Avoid fines and regulatory censure

We’re always ahead of the game, so you never run the risk of non-compliance.

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Instant awareness

Our forward-thinking horizon scanning makes you aware of regulatory changes and upcoming lender compliance issues before they happen.

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Ongoing oversights

We work closely with your teams, so everyone understands what’s expected and meets those best practice standards.

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Due diligence guaranteed

Our CCA assurance expertise keeps your accounts enforceable, collectable and conforming to CCA standards.

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Leading-edge technology

Lenvi’s compliance services are powered by the latest technology, offering speed and security, and reliably powering your compliance services.

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Unrivalled expertise

Our dedicated team supports hundreds of financial companies across the world. Whatever compliance problems you face, we’re here to help.

Everything in hand

All your lender compliance concerns are in-hand, thanks to our technological know-how, lending expertise, and regulator experience. You can trust us.

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Regulatory applications

We understand the regulators’ requirements, so we can easily help you prepare any information needed to support your application and ensure a positive reply.

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Portfolio analysis

Complying with the Consumer Credit Act (CCA) is crucial for any lender, which is why we provide you with in-depth portfolio analysis to ensure you meet the CCA’s standards.

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Ongoing monitoring

Minimum standards have to be met over time, and relevant guidance has to be regularly followed. We help you understand, meet and monitor your compliance requirements.

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Horizon scanning

We don’t just focus on what’s required today. By looking ahead to tomorrow, we keep you informed of upcoming changes and challenges so you can meet them head on.


Why Lenvi?

A wealth of expertise. Lived experience. A track-record of success. On-hand human support. Lending solutions that deliver industry leading innovation.


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5 seconds

every 5 seconds, a new loan application is processed on our platform

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trust our platforms and services to deliver for their customers

Don’t just lend, lead with us

Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned lender, we have the technology, skills and compliance expertise to support you. Every step of the way.

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Hear from our Clients

Discover how Lenvi’s loan servicing software helps your business maximise lending potential and profits, delivering a better experience for your customers. Start lending – your way.

Since launch we have been able to improve our efficiency to meet our individual needs and those of our customers. Lenvi has been proactive in bringing new ideas to us and in helping us to achieve our ambitions to raise efficiency and streamline our processes."

MotoNovo Finance

Our partnership with O2 marks a significant move for us into a new market and is our first delivered project which integrates the specialisms of Lenvi IT services. Business loan provision is diversifying and more organisations are needing the support of dedicated loan management systems to support their new initiatives. We look forward to working with the company in its new offering to help businesses across the UK spread the cost of their device upgrades with an affordable loan."

Richard Carter

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