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How Lenvi is quietly taking the lending world by storm

Will Ellis, Chief Revenue Officer at Lenvi, describes the incredible innovations the business is undertaking, and why it’s fintech’s best-kept secret. Originally published in Interface Magazine.

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Why not 'buy and build'?

What are the pros and cons of building a lending platform compared to buying one off the shelf? Lenvi Sales Director, Kieron Meakin discusses the convenience of a market-ready off-the-shelf loan management platform versus a bespoke purpose-built solution and what happens when you combine both.

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Why we're all financially vulnerable (and how tech can help us)

At a time when many people’s financial resilience is being severely tested, lenders and FinTechs need to step up to the plate, writes Sam Goodacre, Director of Product for Lenvi.

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The Challenges Facing Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just a better website for your business or a new app, it means building services for the online era. Services that exceed the ever-changing expectations of consumers, are robust enough to meet regulation standards and flexible to grow with your business requirements. In this article, Simon Quin, Director of Technology at Lenvi looks at what digital transformation looks like for today and tomorrow.

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When Rishi met Elon - opportunities in lending with AI

With AI, we’re experiencing a step change whereby reality is beginning to outstrip what many would have imagined possible just three or four years ago. In this article, Lenvi's Sales Director, Ben Tuner talks about the application of AI in lending from Consumer Duty to vulnerability and a new level of customer service.

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Addressing lending compliance challenges

Lending compliance is a vital requirement for all financial institutions. This guide will address the challenges that arise, along with the solutions available.

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How lenders can embrace Consumer Duty opportunities

As lenders emerge from months of caution driven by soaring interest rates, many are now re-focusing on the opportunities created by three years of market disruption and advances in technology. This article explores why a combination of reliability and agility will bring the greatest rewards in the era of Consumer Duty.

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Most people don’t understand finance – and it’s up to us to change that

Responsibility for improving financial literacy lies with all of us: parents, schools, businesses and government - Richard Carter, CEO of Lenvi discusses the role of industry in responsible lending

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10 factors to consider when choosing loan management software

Finding the right loan management software for your business can be challenging. With the growth of fintech and the digital economy, there are many more software providers to choose from and it can be difficult to know what will best suit your needs.

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Get set for a week of innovation - How Lenvi invest in our team

Lenvi’s Innovation Challenge gives our technology team dedicated time to upskill and explore new technologies and find ways we can leverage these to benefit our clients whilst expanding their skillset.

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The AI business revolution is here

Lenvi report from the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle on what the launch of Copilot and AI could mean for your business.

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Commercial loan management software

Choosing the right commercial loan management software can be a game-changer in terms of efficiency, client experience & profitability. Discover how.