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Fighting Fraud with Focus Lists

This blog explains how to use the focus lists within Lenvi's risk management platform Riskfactor.

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Obligations stepped up in consumer credit and mortgages

As the financial services industry prepares for the launch of Consumer Duty, the FCA is Martin Kisby, Director of Risk and Compliance at Lenvi explores the consultation paper’s key proposals.

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How to deliver a successful invocation

Our latest article tells readers about two recent invocations which Lenvi managed and implemented as part of our standby services. Find out what is involved in an invocation and how Lenvi help support investors to a positive outcome.

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Getting to grips with FCA priorities

The FCA has set out its priorities for the next 12 months, and the direction of change it expects from financial services firms. Martin Kisby, Director of Risk and Compliance from Lenvi explores what this means for the industry.

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What ChatGPT means for FinTech

Tom Martin, Lenvi's Chief Technology Officer explores what ChatGPT means for fintech.

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Fraud evolution: are we capable of dealing with it?

Mark Watkins and Christopher Hart, from Lenvi's Riskfactor team worked in collaboration with Factors Chain International (FCI) to discuss the evolution of fraud and how to stop it.

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BNPL firms consulted on draft legislation

After concerns were raised in 2021, the government announced its intention to regulate Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) products. Martin Kisby, Director of Risk and Compliance at Lenvi, shares his thoughts on the proposed legislation.

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How PF1 delivers industry leading customer lending experiences

Our new loan management system will enable you to take back control of lending, writes Tom Martin, Chief Technology Officer for Lenvi.

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Making borrowing and lending easier and fairer for all

Richard Carter, Chief Executive Officer of Lenvi shares his views on how to revolutionise lending and make borrowing easier and fairer for all.

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The diverse needs of borrowers and the critical role of technology

Rising interest rates, a hike in inflation, and higher energy prices have increased the cost of living, putting more pressure on borrowers.

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FCA predicts the impact of big tech's entry into the retail finance sector

While the FCA predicted there would be a number of benefits for consumers in the short term, the long term effects could adversely impact competition and negatively disrupt the market.

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5 aspects of modern outsourced servicing

If the last few years have proven anything it’s that lenders need to be flexible and quickly adapt to change. Unexpected events have resulted in unforeseen changes in personal circumstances for many. This has created an increasingly complex borrower market.