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Lenvi backup servicing supports Amplifi Capital to drive the expansion of Reevo Money

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Amplifi Capital secures £100m warehouse securitisation from NatWest

LONDON, UK - Amplifi Capital secures a private securitisation warehouse, with a facility of up to £100m from NatWest to drive the expansion of Reevo Money.

  • Warehouse securitisation obtained for the near-prime loan provider, Reevo Money
  • Up to a £100m investment to significantly accelerate the growth of Reevo Money in the UK
  • Amplifi partners with Lenvi to provide backup servicing for this facility 

Amplifi Capital (U.K.) Limited announces the successful launch of a warehouse securitisation, of up to £100 million, in collaboration with NatWest. Amplifi Capital is the fintech disruptor behind the credit union introducer brand My Community Finance. This significant investment marks a pivotal moment for the company, enabling the fast expansion of Reevo Money - its newest brand and own lending platform.

As a pioneer in the financial technology sector, Amplifi Capital aims to revolutionise access to credit products for underserved households, ensuring affordable and inclusive financial solutions. This investment will further bolster the company's mission to provide as many customers as possible with accessible credit, so they can confidently pursue their financial goals.

Amplifi Capital has partnered with Lenvi to provide backup servicing for this facility. By leveraging Lenvi's expertise, Amplifi Capital can ensure a robust and reliable infrastructure to support its innovative approach to lending.

Amplifi Capital is committed to responsible lending practices and strives to foster a culture of financial empowerment. By combining cutting-edge technology with a customer-centric approach, Amplifi aims to create a level playing field, granting individuals with near-prime credit scores equal opportunities to achieve their financial aspirations.

The successful launch of this warehouse securitisation signifies Amplifi's growing influence as a major player within the industry. Amplifi's visionary initiatives, coupled with the imminent rise of Reevo Money, will undoubtedly shape the future of the market and solidify its position as a force to be reckoned with.

Tobias Gruber, CEO of Amplifi Capital (U.K.) Limited: "Amplifi Capital's technology has revolutionised the credit union sector in the UK. As a credit introducer, it has helped credit unions to issue savings and loan products to over 100,000 customers in the UK with a total loan book of over £420,000,000. The facility with NatWest gives us access to financing Reevo Money at an important time to enable us to continue offering customers access to credit when traditional lenders have turned them away."

Jennifer Wallaert, Head of Speciality Finance, of NatWest Markets Plc: “NatWest is delighted to support Amplifi Capital in providing affordable credit products to underserved communities in the UK. The bespoke warehouse securitisation provided by NatWest will allow Amplifi Capital to support and broaden its lending offering and ultimately serve its customers despite challenging times.”

“We’re excited to partner with Amplifi as their backup servicer, to support their future growth aspirations. Through our extensive Due Diligence process, Lenvi were impressed with the attention to detail Amplifi invest in their business and our skilled and highly-experienced team look forward to supporting them.”

Owain Chambers, Account Director – Capital Markets, Lenvi

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