Riskfactor Masterclass

A central hub of information with expert views and top tips on how to get the most from our Risk Management Software - Riskfactor

Fighting fraud with focus lists

In this video our expert account management team take you through how to use Lenvi Riskfactor Focus Lists

Key take aways:

  • Understand the role of focus lists in financial risk management
  • Explore the benefits of implementing focus lists
  • Discover the criteria for creating effective focus lists
  • Learn how to leverage focus lists to prioritise your time
  • Gain insights into managing focus lists on your dashboard

How to diagnose a fraud using Riskfactor

In this video our expert account management team take you through how to use Lenvi Riskfactor to diagnose a fraud.

Key take aways: 

  • Understand key fraud features 

  • The importance of Cash Forecast Report 

  • Explore cash vs sales 

  • Learn about fraud-specific portfolios 

How to use the Lenvi Riskfactor risk score

In this masterclass our expert team explain the importance of using your risk score.

Key take aways: 

  • Learn how we calculate the Lenvi Riskfactor Risk Score  

  • Explore the importance of the target DSO measure  

  • Understand what happens if you set your target DSO too high or too low.

Andrea Tanner

Head of Customer Success

Andrea’s goal is to deliver an exceptional Lenvi experience to all our customers and their clients. With an impressive 21 years in the banking industry in client facing roles, Andrea is an expert in building strong customer relationships and a key contributor in shaping our sustainable growth.

Richard Pride

Account Director

Richard joined Lenvi in early 2020. Prior to joining, Richard worked within the invoice finance industry for 7 years, both in relationship management and risk functions. His time was split between working for a large bank and a large independent factoring company.

Dan Smith

Account Director

Dan has over 16 years’ experience in the financial services space, most of that time spent within commercial finance, specifically focussed on receivables finance. He has a wealth of experience in delivering solutions to clients, providing consultancy and delivering change.

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